Ivana Yelich

A photo of Ivana Yelich, a Carleton University Political Science Alumna

Ivana Yelich
Executive Director of Media Relations, Office of the Premier of Ontario

BA in Political Science, 2015

Shortly after the 2015 general election, I left Ottawa where I had been working for the federal Conservatives to produce for a news talk radio station in Saskatchewan. I jumped back into politics in 2018 when I was offered a job at Queen’s Park as press secretary to the Premier of Ontario. I now serve as the Premier’s executive director of media relations.

Carleton University gave me the unique opportunity to study politics while being at the heart of political action in Canada. I transferred to Carleton midway through my degree because I knew it would be important to get real-life work experience in the field I was studying. Not only was I introduced to some great political minds and experts at Carleton—people with firsthand knowledge of the topics and issues I was learning about—I also used the proximity to Parliament Hill as an opportunity to get involved in politics and make connections that have carried me through to where I am today. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be in the position I am now if I hadn’t made the switch to Carleton and I encourage anyone who’s considering politics as a career to get their toes wet early by taking full advantage of being only a few bus stops away from the epicentre of Canadian politics. Meet as many people as you can and take every opportunity you get at Carleton to build the relationships that will help you when you’re ready to take the next step in your political career.