Ioanna Maria Kantartzi

photo of Ioanna Maria Kantartzi

Ioanna Maria Kantartzi
PhD Candidate /Instructor/Research Assistant

MA in Political Science 2019

After completing my MA, I began a PhD program on Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa with specialization on Sport Management. More specifically in my current studies I am focusing on Canadian Sport Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Social Advocacy (CSA) within the IOC and the NBA. Additionally, I am a part-time instructor and research assistant at the University of Ottawa. I teach courses related to leisure and recreation program development and evaluation. As a Research Assistant I am investigating Safe Sports within the Canadian sport context.

My MA in Political Science helped me to develop my critical thinking and academic skills. Most importantly assisted me in further understanding the importance of politics and policy in shaping diverse societies. According to Aristotle, politics is the “master power” as it influences plenty of aspects in life. The MA at Carleton University was a great investment in understanding this “master power”, how it is exercised in different social environments like sports, and how it shapes public opinion.