Elad Ratson

Elad Ratson
Career Diplomat at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Founder & CEO of Vayehee

BA Political Science, Minor in Economics, 2005

Elad Ratson is a career Diplomat at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a pioneer in the fields of Digital Diplomacy. His diplomatic career includes Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Israel in Côte d’Ivoire, Spokesperson of the Embassy of Israel in France and Director of Research & Development at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Jerusalem.

Elad is recognized as one of the pioneers in the diplomatic profession to introduce a data-analysis approach to the age-old practice, introducing a multidisciplinary approach to the practice of International Relations drawing on methodologies and know-how from the field of computer science. Elad’s work to redefine the boundaries of traditional diplomacy, the use of Social Media use in Politics, the effects of Social Media on the practice of classical Diplomacy and countering fake news and misinformation has been the subject of numerous academic publications.

Today Elad is on a sabbatical from public service and is the founder and CEO of a Paris-based company developing technological solutions to counter fake news, misinformation and other forms of weapons of mass obstruction.

Having set my mind on a career in Internal Relations I was looking for an academic institution that will equip me with the broadest theoretical and practical Political Science training possible, without being overly biased to neither the American nor the European schools of thought. Once it became clear to me that Canada, being North American in geography, yet more European in values, is where I should look, I chose the Political Science Department at Carleton University for its proximity to Canada’s capital and impeccable reputation. My choice has proven to be an ever-yielding asset ever since. Carleton provided me with a broad and diverse PoliSci theoretical background, a third language (French) and a network of professors and fellow students who have helped me advance my career in the years to follow. I take much pride in my Carleton education.

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