Julia Calvert

photo of Julia Calvert

Julia Calvert
Lecturer in international political economy, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

PhD in political science with a specialisation in political economy, 2016

I have been continuing my research on the political economy of the investment treaty regime at the University of Edinburgh. My forthcoming book, The Politics of Investment Treaties in Latin America (Oxford University Press), examines how governments respond to legal claims brought by foreign investors under investment treaties and how they’re seeking to protect their regulatory capacity. I’ve had the good fortune of mentoring undergraduate and postgraduate students and teaching a variety of courses related to international relations, Latin American politics and international political economy.

Carleton’s political science department is a highly collegial, supportive, and intellectually inspiring and environment for graduate students. My career has benefitted in many ways from the mentorship offered to me by several faculty members, some of whom continue to be my most trusted advisors.