Sara Ali

photo of Sara Ali

Sara Ali
Consultant and PhD Student

MA Political Science with a specialization in African Studies, 2021

Since beginning graduate school, Sara has worked (and continues to work) with Dr. Kamari Clarke on various research projects including The Transnational Justice Project. She currently works as an independent consultant and is beginning a PhD at Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies at the University of Toronto.

Sara graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Development Studies with a specialization in Social Policy and Social Action from the University of Waterloo and received her Master of Arts in Political Science with a specialization in African Studies from Carleton University. She is an interdisciplinary scholar who is interested in understanding the world to re-imagine it. Her areas of specialization explore issues concerning equity, diversity and inclusion, social inequality, transnational and diasporic identity formation, critical multiculturalism and human rights.

As someone who has lived with (until graduate school) undiagnosed ADHD, I often questioned my abilities and the benefit of higher education. While at Carleton, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD, I met my current employer, and had the opportunity to learn from a number of exceptional scholars within different departments which is important for the type of interdisciplinary work I enjoy engaging in.