Alda Kokallaj

photo of Alda Kokallaj

Senior Adviser, Government of Canada

PhD in Political Science with Specialization in Political Economy (2014)

The experience of doctoral studies has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling for me. It allowed me to develop new and enhanced skills, as well as the opportunity to build networks. In addition to having worked with a supervisor and a supervisory team that were inspiring for me with their innovative research and ways of understanding/explaining complex phenomena, the faculty of Political Science was exceptionally collegial and supportive. Furthermore, having the opportunity to teach courses, directly related to my area of research, and to lead discussion groups has been a tremendously valuable and enjoyable experience, as it allowed me to share my passion for research and teaching.

I constantly draw on the knowledge and skills I built throughout the time in the program, in my current role as a Senior Adviser with the Government of Canada. My time in doctoral studies was marked by professors who inspired me with their research, the networking opportunities that Carleton Political Science program offered via meetings and exchanges with colleagues, the student body from around the world and engagement in interdisciplinary collaborative initiatives.