Heather Toycen

photo of Heather Toycen

Policy Analyst in the Fiscal Unit of the Education Branch within Indigneous Services Canada

MA in Political Science, 2019

After finishing my Masters degree, I have had the opportunity to work at the CBSA, RCMP and am now with Indigenous Services Canada. These experiences allowed me to develop an understanding of the government machinery through work on preparation for appearances at Parliamentary Committees, and learning about procedures for Cabinet and Treasury Board processes. I have also been able to pursue my interests in gender studies and intersectionality by contributing to policy papers and treasury board submissions and working on legislative and regulatory reviews to assess for differential impacts on vulnerable groups. I now work with Indigenous Services Canada as the fiscal unit analyst for British Columbia on the team that coordinates funding for indigenous students across the province, to ensure equitable funding and provincial comparability.

I loved my time at Carleton, and was fortunate to have staff and professors who challenged and supported me in my studies. I have kept in touch with former professors and staff from the political science department since graduating and am thankful for these relationships.