Dirk Druet

A photo of Druet Dirk, Carleton University Political Science Alumni

Dirk Druet
Non-resident Fellow at the International Peace Institute; Adjunct Professor at McGill University’s Max Bell School for Public Policy

BA Honours in Political Science and History, 2005

Dirk Druet is a researcher, policy adviser and strategist focusing on international peace and security interventions. He is a former official of the United Nations Departments of Peace Operations and Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, where he led policy initiatives at Headquarters on asymmetric warfare, technology, and conflict prevention in authoritarian regimes. He has served with UN operations and human rights organizations in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Kenya. In 2017, Dirk led the development of a policy and operational framework for intelligence in UN peacekeeping operations and has since regularly provided advice and conducted research on technical, political and ethical issues for conflict analysis, surveillance, and intelligence in peace operations. In 2020 he served as a member of a five-person panel appointed to carry out a strategic review of protection and political settlements in peacekeeping commissioned by the Executive Committee of the Secretary-General. Dirk is an Adjunct Professor at the Max Bell School for Public Policy at McGill University and Affiliate Researcher at the Centre for International Peace and Security Studies of McGill University, where his work focuses on political and protection challenges in complex international emergencies. He is also a Non-resident Fellow at the Brian Urquhart Center for Peace Operations of the International Peace Institute in New York, where he works on the protection of civilians in armed conflict and peace operations. Dirk holds a BA (Hons) in Political Science and History from Carleton University and an MA in Political Science from the University of Toronto. He is from Prince Edward Island in Canada.

My four years in political science and history at Carleton were exciting, enriching and transformative. From the dedicated support I received in my first-year seminar, to hands-on negotiation training with an experienced international trade advisor, to hours spent one-on-one with my honours thesis adviser, Carleton’s faculty brought both world-class expertise and a passion for teaching to my degree.