Andrea Wagner

photo of Andrea Wagner

Associate Professor, MacEwan University; Consultant, Bertelsmann Foundation

PhD in Political Science, 2016

I am an Associate Professor at MacEwan University in Edmonton and a consultant for Bertelsmann Foundation, responsible for providing regular updates and analytical reports on Romania’s latest anti-corruption efforts. My research focuses on corruption and rent-seeking in the European Union specifically on the importance of anti-corruption agencies in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, the recent return of the specter of populism on both sides of the political spectrum in many European countries motivated me to focus on uncovering the intricate relationship between populism and Euroscepticism.

I have fond memories of my years spent at Carleton University. These seven and a half doctoral years have been extremely challenging but also immeasurably rewarding. The guidance of my supervisor, Prof. Jeremy Paltiel, has been invaluable in terms of intellectual nourishment. He is an excellent scholar and a brilliant thinker. I never felt alone throughout this process, due to his prompt replies, feedback, and constant reminders to get the work done. Similarly, Dr. Achim Hurrelmann’s guidance
throughout the years has shaped my own expectations by raising the stakes, creating new ambitions, and cultivating discipline.

My wonderful daughter Helen was born one month prior to my proposal defense and has grown since into a beautiful and brilliant little girl. She is the reason why I never lost track of what is truly important, and her presence has given me courage during the most difficult moments.