David M. Matijasevich

photo of David Matijasevich

Political Science Instructor, Capilano University

PhD in Political Science, 2015

After graduating from Carleton, I spent a few years teaching for the Singapore University of Social Sciences. It was a great opportunity to hone my craft in a fascinating region. While there, I also had the opportunity to conduct some independent research and publish some of my work on the politics of Southeast Asia and its relevance to contemporary democratic theory. Most notably, I was able to publish a book – Radical Democracy and its Limits – which was based upon by PhD work at Carleton. Since moving back to Canada in 2019, I have been teaching in BC’s Lower Mainland and have recently found a permanent home in the Political Science Department at Capilano University in North Vancouver.

The PhD core courses, along with the great support of faculty, provided me both the knowledge and the confidence needed to teach comparative politics and political theory at the university level.