Maximilian Kallenbach

A photo of Maximilian Kallenbach, A Carleton University Political Science and University of Lucerne Alumni

Maximilian Kallenbach
Advisor at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Dual MA in Political Science (Carleton University and the University of Lucerne, Switzerland), 2021
Focus: Political Economy and International Relations

I graduated from Carleton University in 2020 and joined the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs right after graduation. Luckily, I could extend my stay in Canada a little longer since my first posting was at the Embassy of Switzerland in Ottawa. After ending my one-year fellowship, I was transferred to our Consulate in Munich in early 2022, representing Swiss interests now in Bavaria. I deal with everything concerning Swiss-Bavarian relations in my job, such as analyzing educational programs, strengthening economic collaboration or discussing infrastructure and energy issues. I love working in diplomacy, and my tasks literally change every day, which makes my job very interesting (and challenging!).

Next to my diplomatic work, I continue to volunteer with the Rotary Club Ottawa as their Social Media Manager. I am happy to keep the ‘Canada-channel’ alive through my volunteer work and stay in touch with my friends on the other side of the pond.

Since the very start of my studies, I have focused on international affairs, and the huge variety of courses at Carleton definitely helped me thrive and succeed at the Department of Foreign Affairs and previously at the U.N. in New York. Diplomacy is all about thinking outside the box, which needs to be learned. I learned that at Carleton, next to many other things. The school and the program also give you enough room to ‘declare’ a specialty.