Jocelyne Guest

Jocelyne Guest
Public Servant, Government of Canada

BA in Political Science with Honours with a Concentration in International Relations, 2007
MA in Public Administration (Management) with Dalhousie University, 2019

“In July 2006, I was just about to embark in my fourth year with Carleton University when I was offered a student opportunity in a Government Department at the federal level right in our Nation’s Capital.  Upon graduation in April 2007, I was offered a full-time permanent placement within that Department. Since then, I have held a variety of positions that have allowed me to grow exponentially in my professional life in both the Nation’s Capital and Toronto, where I have been residing since 2014. In these last fifteen years of my career, I have consistently applied knowledge that I acquired from the Carleton University Political Science program.  I even refer to some old notes and books that I kept all these years from time to time, for some work inspiration! Overall, Carleton University enabled me to understand the true significance of the Canadian federal public service. Carleton University sufficiently prepared me to enter the workforce in a confident manner and I am so very thankful for that.

Carleton’s Political Science program helped me tremendously in my career as a Federal public servant in both understanding Canada’s political landscape and the lineage between the Federal Public Service and providing critical services to Canadians.