Freshta Mohseni

A photo of Freshta Mohseni, a Carleton University Political Science Alumni

Freshta Mohseni
Junior Policy Analyst, Federal Government

BA in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and Global South Studies, 2020

Since I graduated from Political Science at Carleton University, I started a career with the Federal Government as a Junior Policy Analyst. This rewarding career has allowed me to learn about program design and get hands-on experience in policy. On my own time, I love conducting my own research on political topics of the Global South. Taking Political Science at Carleton University has turned this subject into a passion, and I look forward to learning more every day.

As a first-generation University student, it became difficult at times to form decisions about my future career. However, the professors took extra time to inform me of their different political careers/experiences and the skills they needed for that duration. The courses I took at Carleton were inspired by the professor’s experiences, and the skills I have learned in those courses help me excel in my career.