Photo of Hayley Rose Malouin

Hayley Rose Malouin

PhD student

My research is supported by a Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral award through SSHRC and an Ontario Graduate Scholarship award. It engages circus as an artform and industry with both overt and covert political implications. Under the supervision of Dr. Sophie Marcotte Chénard, I explore how circus can be seen to reflect and even play host to the experiences and processes of political life in the modern age. Developments in the realms of technology, transportation, business and commerce, anthropology, medicine, law, and fine and pop arts are all reflected in the circus’ vast and multifaceted history. As such, the circus constitutes fruitful ground upon which to stake an investigation of these developments as they relate to 20th century political life. Circus has acted and continues to act as a sociopolitical seeing-stone; by gazing through circus’ warped lens, one can discern the extraordinary, seductive, and grotesque truths embedded in the cultural, social, and political mise-en-scène.

My broader research interests include contemporary French democratic theory, particularly the work of Miguel Abensour, Cornelius Castoriadis, Claude Lefort, and Jacques Rancière, as well as the aesthetic philosophy of Alain Badiou.

I hold a BA Hons. in Dramatic Arts (2015) and an MA in Comparative Literatures and Arts (2017) from Brock University, as well as an MA in Social and Political Thought from York University (2021). I have presented my research at numerous academic conferences, in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, and Europe. In addition to my peer-reviewed contributions, I co-edited “Circus and Its Others,” a double issue of the peer-reviewed journal Performance Matters published by Simon Fraser University. I have also been published in The Toronto Star, Magazine, and Intermission Magazine, among others.

Select Research Contributions

Malouin, H. 2021. ““Gooble Gobble, One, or Several, of Us”: Becoming-Molecular, Becoming-Imperceptible in Tod Browning’s Freaks.Cinephile, 15(1). 25-32.

Malouin, H. 2018. “Queer Hatchings: Carnival Time and the Grotesque in Circus Amok.”Performance Matters, 4(1-2), 166-174.

Fricker, K. and Hayley Malouin. 2018. “Introduction.” Performance Matters, 4(1-2): pp.1-18.