Public Affairs and Policy Analysis

The Public Affairs and Policy Analysis (PAPA) concentration involves students in public policy analysis, public management, and the political processes that influence their application in practice. Students can choose from a variety of courses on public administration and policy, media, and public opinion, as well as on substantive policy areas, such the environment, migration, and social policy. This concentration also includes courses on research techniques and methods and equips students with the skills to effectively participate in analytic jobs that are at the heart of much organized public activity.

In their second year of the program, students in this concentration earn 0.5 credit in the following course:

PSCI 2401 [0.5 credit]: Public Affairs Analysis
Introduction to central concepts and processes involved in public affairs. Exploration of public issues, policy approaches and decision-making structures using theoretical, empirical and applied approaches.

In their third and fourth years of the program, students take an additional 3.0 credits in Public Affairs and Policy Analysis, such as:

PSCI 3401 – Canadian Public Administration
PSCI 3402 – Canadian Public Policy
PSCI 3405 – Comparative Public Policy Analysis
PSCI 3406 – Public Affairs and Media Strategies

PSCI 4008 – National Security and Intelligence in the Modern State
PSCI 4400 – Socio-Technical Change and Public Policy Design
PSCI 4403 – Reproductive Rights Policy in North America
PSCI 4404 – The Design and Evolution of Public Institutions
PSCI 4407 – Public Policy: Content and Creation
PSCI 4408 – Public Affairs Management and Analysis
PSCI 4808 – Global Environmental Politics

For the full list of course options in Public Affairs and Policy Analysis, and the specific degree requirements for your program, consult the Undergraduate Calendar. Please note that not all courses in this list are offered each year.