TeresaHealyAs a long-time activist in the Canadian labour movement, Teresa Healy knows how hard activists work—and how rare it is that they have a moment to stop and reflect.

That need motivated her to create the upcoming workshop, “Policy Advocacy and Social Change”, which will run from May 28–30 as part of the FPA Professional Institute.

“Community advocates often find themselves overworked and constantly bombarded with short term decision-making and thinking,” said Healy, an associate professor at SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont and an adjunct research professor in Carleton’s Institute of Political Economy. “This will be a chance for activists to come together and realize they aren’t alone: all of these organizations are dealing with the same issues.”

The two-and-a-half day workshop will include discussions about strategy, research, alliance-building,  goal-setting,  evaluation, and more.

Healy said the workshop will host expert guests and discuss several case studies.

“This will enable activists to clarify their own values and approach to social change and develop a model of reflection to bring back to their organizations,” said Healy.

She argued this process is especially important in the current political climate.

“I think Canadian democracy is being challenged in fundamental ways and it’s really important that organizations and social movements have the skills they need to be strong, aware, and equipped to participate in democratic debate over sustainable futures,” said Healy. “It’s time to figure out how we’re going to push back because the spaces for democratic participation are closing.”

The FPA Professional Institute will host “Policy Advocacy and Social Change” May 28-30. Find out more about this workshop.