FPA Teaching Mentors

Faculty Teaching Mentors are unit-specific peer resources who undertake a leadership role in fostering dialogue about teaching and learning within their academic unit. Teaching Mentors serve as a formal point of contact for faculty members, instructors, and contract instructors interested in discussing and further developing their teaching. They coordinate unit-level events, liaise with campus partners, and curate discipline-specific resources to further enhance the culture of teaching excellence within their units. For the 2019-2020 academic year, FPA is proud to host eight Faculty Teaching Mentors across six academic units.

Kenta Asakura
School of Social Work

Vincent Kazmierski
Department of Law and Legal Studies

Chris Penny
School of International Affairs

Simon Power
Department of Economics

Madalena Santos
Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Robert Sauder
School of International Affairs

Mira Sucharov
Department of Political Science

Steve Tasson
Department of Law and Legal Studies


For more information on this grassroots, faculty-led initiative, please visit the Faculty Teaching Mentors page.