Photo of Madalena Santos

Madalena Santos

Instructor I

Degrees:Ph.D. (Sociology), Carleton University
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1194
Office:C576 Loeb Building

Areas of Interest

  • Qualitative research methods
  • Settler colonial studies
  • Mobility, migration, and crimmigration
  • Transnational feminisms, Critical race theory, and Intersectionality
  • Social justice
  • Anticolonial resistance


Madalena Santos is an instructor at Carleton’s Institute for Criminology and Criminal Justice (ICCJ). She has a PhD in Sociology from Carleton University. She has a broad interest in processes of criminalization and decriminalization in settler colonial contexts.

Madalena’s most recent work examines how the settler colonial state of Israel uses digital media as a mechanism of surveillance and policing of social justice and everyday resistance in Palestine. She points to Israel’s criminalization of social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, and more significantly to the criminalization of expressions of resistance and dissent against occupation and settler colonialism through five case studies documented by online news media, and Israeli and Palestinian human and legal rights organizations. This work also discusses the contradictory positions offered by social media as both a tool and space for social movements and for counter-insurgency focusing primarily on literature dealing with Palestine and contemporary Arab revolutions. She concludes by arguing for further research into the logics of settler colonialism as they intersect with sociologies of surveillance and social movements.


CRCJ 4001: Special Topics – The Criminalization of Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour
CRCJ 4001: Special Topics – The Criminalization of Im/migration (previously, Mobility, Migration and Crimmigration)
CRCJ 3002: Qualitative Research Methods
CRCJ 1000: Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice

Selected Publications

Santos, Madalena (2018). “Settler colonial surveillance and the criminalization of social media: Contradictory implications for Palestinian resistance” in Protests in the Information Age: Social Movements, Digital Practices and Surveillance, eds. Lucas Melgaço and Jeffrey Monaghan. Routledge: New York, Ch 5, pp 97-114 .

Santos, Madalena (2017). “Transnational Feminism and Critical Race Theory: Intersectional Approaches to Resistance, Solidarity, and Social Justice” in Gender Relations in Canada: Intersectionalities and Social Change, Janet Siltanen and Andrea Doucet. Toronto: Oxford University Press, pp 97-99.

Santos, Madalena (2016). “Palestinian narratives of resistance: The Freedom Theatre’s challenge to Israeli settler colonization.” Settler Colonial Studies, 8:1, 96-113.

Santos, Madalena (2013). “Relations of Ruling in the Colonial Present: An Intersectional View of the Israeli Imaginary.” Canadian Journal of Sociology/ Cahiers canadiens de sociologie, 38(4): 509-532.