The Crime and Ethos: Carleton University Undergraduate Criminology Journal is student-run and edited, highlighting undergraduate scholarship that contributes positively to the criminology community. The journal aims to engage students in critical interdisciplinary work, promote current and future research initiatives, and create a space showcasing undergraduate criminological research.

Crime and Ethos strives to create a space for elevated scholarship within the Undergraduate student body, specifically for students with connections to the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice. The ICCJ prides itself on its interdisciplinary approach and the rigorous preparation it provides to its students. This journal allows for students to further engage in critical interdisciplinary work and will prepare them for future research opportunities, such as the Honours Thesis (CRCJ 4908) and graduate studies.

This journal seeks to fill the gaps identified within the Criminology and Criminal Justice program by providing a variety of benefits:

  • Demystifying research and academic writing for undergraduate students
  • Provides an incentive to students by having their work published in a journal review
  • Spotlights the work of undergraduate research in the ICCJ
  • Connects students interested in pursuing a honours thesis to students who have completed it
  • Provides a space where students in the ICCJ are able to collaborate with department professors
  • Promotes avenues of research for the criminology and criminal justice program

Crime and Ethos is primarily invested in contemporary critical criminological review and thought through the ethos of undergraduate students. As a vessel for student voices, Crime and Ethos highlights undergraduate research which focus on modern understandings and teachings of criminology and crime. Specifically, the journal is invested in modern understandings of criminology in the eyes of undergraduate students. The journal engages in discourse that scrutinizes criminological topics through critical reflections, artistic mediums (poems, drawings, paintings, and collages), book/journal reviews, and empirical research; submissions need not prescribe to traditional definitions of crime or injustice. Rather, the journal aims to uplift underrepresented voices through the student body.

Additional information about the scope and submission guidelines can be found in our journal’s operations manual.

The journal’s operations manual can be found on our website:

Instagram: @crimethos.cucj