What Will I Study?

Carleton University offers an undergraduate degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice designed to provide you with a comprehensive and inter-disciplinary approach to the study of crime and the administration of criminal justice.

You will acquire an in-depth understanding of the definition and causes of crime, criminal, anti-social and harmful behaviour, criminal law and its administration, public policy and society’s reaction to crime. The disciplines of Law, Psychology and Sociology provide the insights needed to master this complex field.

Carleton’s criminology and criminal justice program also offers the opportunity to acquire deeper knowledge of one of the three disciplines that are part of the program. This specialization will be reflected as a concentration on your degree. The insights you will gain in studying criminology and criminal justice will prepare you for a diverse range of future employment opportunities in criminal justice.

How Do I Qualify?

For admission, students must have the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or equivalent) with a minimum of six 4U/M courses, including 4U English.

It is University policy to consider your best performance in any eligible course in the admissions assessment. Since the number of qualified applicants may be greater than available spaces, cut off averages may vary from year to year.

For more information regarding current admission requirements for the B.A. Honours program in Criminology and Criminal Justice, please visit Carleton University Admissions.

Photo of female student

Lesley Zannella
Criminology Graduate

What will I Experience?

“The atmosphere in the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice is friendly, welcoming and personable, while at the same time academically rigorous. The institute provides an environment that truly promotes student engagement and encourages both personal and academic growth.

The institute’s administration has provided me with exceptional guidance and advice as well as valuable knowledge. The professors in the Institute of Criminology are remarkably accessible and approachable. My field placement gave me a unique view of the professional world of the criminal justice system in Canada that has been indispensable in helping me make important decisions regarding potential career pathways. My placement also gave me the opportunity to network within the field. My very positive experience over the past four years confirms that I made the right choice by choosing the Criminology program at Carleton University.”

How Much Will it Cost?

Tuition Fee Tables and a Tuition Fee Estimator can be found at http://carleton.ca/studentaccounts/.

What can I Do in the Future?

Employment possibilities in criminal justice are found traditionally in law enforcement, probation, parole and correctional services and in the private sector (community support services). Opportunities also exist in research, policy analysis and law reform within the government sector. Where can a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice take you? There are many Career Paths to explore.

Our top graduates are well qualified to go on to additional study at the graduate level in areas of criminology, legal studies, sociology and social work. Graduates also pursue specialized professional studies in fields such as law and social work.