CRCJ 4908 [1.0 credit] Honours Research Project

The Honours Research Project is not compulsory for completion of the Honours BA in Criminology & Criminal Justice. Students not completing CRCJ 4908 must instead complete 1.0 credit of approved CCJ Electives at the 4000-level.

Though it is not compulsory, it is however good experience/practice for students who hope to go on to graduate studies and/or careers involving data analysis. It is sometimes required for admission to some Masters programs.

The Honours Research Project is a full-credit course conducted under the direct supervision of a faculty advisor from Criminology & Criminal Justice, Psychology, Law, or Sociology. Workshops/seminars are scheduled during the year. It is often referred to as a Thesis or Honours Essay, depending on the department. It involves doing original research, data collection, data analysis and a summary of the results and implications. The resulting essay is marked by the supervisor and reviewed by the Director.

Prerequisite(s): LAWS 2908 and LAWS 3908 for Law Concentration students PSYC 3000 [1.0] for Psychology Concentration students; SOCI 2001 and SOCI 2002 for Sociology concentration students, and fourth-year standing in the B.A. Honours program in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a CGPA of 10.00 or better in the Major and/or permission of the Institute.

Information Session Presentation:

For more information that was provided during the Information Session held on February 5th, 2015, click on the PowerPoint presentation below:

CRCJ 4908 Information Presentation