You will learn about criminal justice policy and institutions (e.g. crime prevention, surveillance, policing, criminal courts, corrections), criminological theories, contemporary issues in criminalization and punishment, and restorative and transformative justice initiatives. You can orient your Minor towards either legal or sociological perspectives on crime and punishment. Choosing from a variety of more specialized courses and seminars, you will also interact with more comprehensive and sophisticated topical and theoretical issues in specific areas.

Requirements (4.0 credits):

The requirements for the minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice are made up of courses in Law, Sociology and Criminology. For more information, please click here.

Why Add a Minor in Criminology?

  • Students use elective courses in their degree program to complete a minor.
  • A minor can add an additional specialization to complement any major.
  • Allows you to study topics outside of your major area of study.
  • Development of critical thinking skills in matters related to criminalization and punishment.
  • Gain communication skills and a professional and ethical awareness that is appropriate for a variety of career choices.
  • Students are able to add a minor through the ‘Change of Program Elements’ section in their Carleton Central account.
  • This minor is not available for students in the Criminology major.

How to Add a Minor:

  • Log in to Carleton Central. On the main menu, scroll down to the section heading “Student Online Applications”.
  • Select the online form “Change Program Elements” (COPE). This request form is for making changes to your program elements, such as adding a concentration, changing your program from Honours to General, adding a Minor, or changing Majors.

These requests usually take a few days to process. If you are approved for your COPE changes, you can view your new degree requirements by running an audit. You will not receive any written confirmation that this has processed, so ensure you check your Carleton Central account to view the status of your application. For more information, please click here.

Important Note: It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they meet all requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar as listed on their Academic Audit. Please consult with an Academic Advisor if you have questions.