PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR: Mrs. Ese Esther Oriarewo

Co-PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Obokhai Kess Asikhia

INSTITUTE: Edo State Polytechnic Usen

Summative video from project ID65 (Oct, 2022): Coming soon

DESCRIPTION: This research project aims to design and construct a fuel-less generator, capable of producing a sustainable, accessible and environmentally friendly electrical power machine to support female artisans operating in small and medium scale business ventures in Nigeria. The project aims to construct a generator that improves gender equality by developing cheap and robust methods that incorporate the cognitive, emotional and cultural needs of female artisans.

SECTOR(S): Renewable Energy, Manufacturing

STEAM FIELD(S): Technology, Engineering

Read more about ID65 in GDS Bulletin Issue Four

Introductory video from project ID65 (Oct, 2020):