Main learning objective of the MHCI thesis:  To conduct and document an HCI research project suitable (in principle) for publication in a referred HCI conference or journal.

  1. Propose and justify a research question suitable for empirical research that would add to the research literature.
  2. Identify and assess relevant theory and research literature.
  3. Conduct empirical research to help answer the research question, with participants sufficient for the study method. The scale of the studies (e.g. number of participants) should reflect likelihood of significance or saturation. Examples:
    • Design and create a system prototype and, possibly an implementation, and design and conduct empirical study to assess the effectiveness of design. And/Or
    • Design a novel study (or worthwhile replication) to help answer the research question, and design and conduct an empirical study and analysis  (qualitative or quantitative) to assess the results.
  4. Discuss the outcome of the study and respond to the research question, relating findings to the literature.
  5. Identify study contributions, limitations, and suggest future work.
  6. Demonstrate satisfactory oral communication skills through a formal thesis presentation and through answering examiner questions.
  7. Demonstrate satisfactory written communication skills through formally written thesis document.

Assessment will be conducted through a formal thesis defence.