Congratulations to Cultural Mediations PhD Candidate Krista Ulujuk Zawadski on being nominated as a finalist for a SSHRC Talent Award.

Krista is an Arctic anthropologist, curator and Inuk researcher. Her doctoral project focuses on Qatiktalik (Cape Fullerton) as a “nexus of colonial encounters” and offers ”a (re)interpretation of known history – written and oral – through Inuit eyes and voices.”  Krista’s doctoral research is being supervised by Cultural Mediation professor and Canada Research Chair holder Dr. Carmen Robertson.

Recipient of a Polar Northern Resident Scholarship and an Inuit Cultural Repatriation Award, Krista is an engaged and prolific Inuk curator, with an impressive body of exhibitions and collaborations spanning the new Inuit Art Centre, Qaumajuqat, at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (INUA), The National Art Center (Breaking Ground), Canadian Heritage (Echoing the Land)  and the Carleton University Art Gallery (Nuvisi: Threading Our Beads at Qatiktalik).

Nominations for a Talent Award are highly prestigious, with only three finalists selected nation-wide, The award recognizes “outstanding achievement by someone who currently holds a SSHRC doctoral scholarship or fellowship or postdoctoral fellowship“, in areas of academic excellence, research and knowledge mobilization and leadership potential.

Congratulations on this tremendous achievement, Krista!