The Cisco Chair Team at Carleton University received the best workshop paper award at the IEEE ComSoc Flagship conference, IEEE GlobeCom. The awarded paper is “Carleton-Cisco IoT Testbed: Architecture, Features, and Applications” authored
by Dr. Zied Bouida, Ismael AlShiab, Yousef Rafique, Dr. Abdallah Jarwan, Manishkumar Moorjmalani, Sajib Kumar Kuri, and Professor Mohamed Ibnkahla [1].

The paper showcases Carleton University Internet of Things Lab’s brings expertise in different IoT layers including Sensing, Edge/Fog, and Cloud. We present in the paper the developed real-world applications that are now running on our Cisco-Carleton IoT testbed. These applications include smart buildings, Smart homes, smart grid, smart farms, e-Health, intelligent transportation systems, etc. The advantage brought by the Testbed is that it provides us with real IoT traffic that can be used in various design and testing activities in addition to the ability to create simulated IoT traffic and provide security and privacy tools by design. This data is being used in several projects involving Big Data analytics, demand forecasting, IoT/Edge data computing, network state representation, NFV resource management and orchestration, network performance evaluation with real IoT traffic, and to measure and optimize QoS metrics including delay, energy, memory, computation resources, and throughput.

[1] Z. Bouida, I. AlShiab, Y. Rafique, A. Jarwan, M. Moorjmalani, S. K. Kuri, and M. Ibnkahla, “Carleton-Cisco IoT Testbed: Architecture, Features, and Applications,” Proc. 2021 GlobeCom Workshop on Experimental wireless platforms and testbeds for computing, communication and networking research, pp. 1-6, Madrid, Spain, Dec 2021.