Ottawa’s Predicted Sentiment Distribution on Monthly Basis.

Ottawa’s Predicted Sentiment Distribution on Monthly Basis.

The beginning of the year 2020 saw a sudden spike in very negative sentiments among people as they felt that the government of Canada was not well prepared to face the pandemic. The rise in coronavirus cases across the globe left Canadians worrying about the necessities of life such as food, water, and medical supplies. These concerns are clearly visible in the very high negative sentiments during February last year (2020).

With the help of social media, the people made themselves aware of the best possible way to mitigate the unknown virus. The very basic practices such as covering the face with masks and maintaining social distance were the first level of defence they adopted. As a result, they felt little safe and hence the rise of positive sentiment can be seen in the graph during March 2020. The rise in positive sentiment continued in the subsequent month as citizens continued to practice self-isolation and kept themselves safe. With no clear guidance from the Canadian government, the business showed a decline in sales and revenue which eventually started impacting the economy of the country.

During May and June of 2020, the active involvement of the government did not result in uplifting the positive sentiment among the crowd. The lack of appropriate healthcare infrastructure in terms of scarcity of the number of beds, insufficient ventilators, and fatigue of frontline workers continued to contribute towards the consistent level of negative sentiments during the mid-year. The financial aid benefit packages announced by the government for the public helped in marginally keeping the positive sentiments afloat for some time during June 2020. However, rising covid19 cases and unruly behaviour of some careless vacationers who might increase in the spread of virus were a few of the major factors that gave rise to negative emotions. Surprisingly, the spree of benefits announced by various central and provincial government agencies did not result in cheering up the mood of residents during June 2020. What this could mean is that much damage has already be done in terms of elderly deaths, sickness & illness among various age groups, and financial losses of businesses across the country have already been sustained by the mid of 2020. The untimely stimulus package and short-sightedness on part of the government cannot reverse the negative impact and the decline in positive sentiment during this timeframe as can be seen from the graph above.

By August 2020, some positive results about the progress made in developing a cost-effective covid19 test kit and conducting a large number of daily tests brought a ray of hope. Besides, the fall in the daily number of coronavirus cases across the nation resulted in an upward positive trend along with bringing down the level of negativity. With the financial benefit term-end nearing during September 2020, the majority of the people living in rental accommodation feared eviction. That was the major cause of the drastic fall in positive sentiment. The inability to pay timely rent due to the nationwide high unemployment rate contributed towards negative sentiment. Further, the decision to reopen schools was not highly appreciated by the parents as they did not feel safe sending their children in uncertain times. The fear of the second wave continued to grip the negative emotions of the people.

The saddening and worrisome situation in long-term care homes resulted in anxiety and angriness among the public. The slight upliftment in the positive mood during November 2020 was due to the few breakthroughs in the development of the vaccine and its positive lab results. It gave hope as millions of doses started to arrive in Canada. However, this positive news did not help much in overcoming the negative outlook.

Still, as of January 2021, the vaccine shortage continued to be felt in the entire nation. The incapacity of the Canadian government to source enough doses for its citizens keeps the people engulfed in fear and they remain restricted in their daily life.

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