Dr. Zied Bouida, Cisco Chair Technical Manager at Carleton University’s IoT Lab, gave a presentation about the Carleton-Cisco IoT testbed at IoT Thingkfest 5.0.

ThingkFest is an IoT North online event allowing participants to share their involvement in IoT and hear what others in Canada are doing, innovating, and thinking in the IoT space. It is a showcase with many Fast-Fire Four-Minute Short-Talks on different topics from the full Thingk3D IoT Space across Canada. Short-talks are selected from top talk proposals submitted by Canadian companies, organizations, and individuals.

The presentation showcases Carleton University Internet of Things Lab’s expertise in different IoT layers including Sensing, Edge/Fog, and Cloud. He presented the developed real-world applications running now on our Cisco-Carleton IoT testbed. These applications include smart buildings, smart homes, smart grids, smart farms, e-health, intelligent transportation systems, etc. The advantage brought by the Testbed is that it provides us with real IoT traffic that can be used in various design and testing activities in addition to the ability to create simulated IoT traffic and provide security and privacy tools by design. This data is being used in several projects involving Big Data analytics, demand forecasting, IoT/Edge data computing, network state representation, NFV resource management and orchestration, network performance evaluation with real IoT traffic, and to measure and optimize QoS metrics including delay, energy, memory, computation resources, and throughput.