Photo of Arslan Ahmed

Arslan Ahmed

Masters Student

Degrees:MASc Electrical and Computer Engineering with specialization in Data Science [01/2017- expected 12/2018]
Phone:+1 (613)-520-2600 Ext: 8281

Arslan Ahmed received his B.Sc degree from the National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan in Sep 2016, and was awarded Gold Medal for the best senior year project. Currently, he is MASc student in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, and is working as Graduate Research Assistant at Sensor Systems and Internet of Things Lab.

He is particularly interested in the design and development of solutions that contribute towards developing a smart city. This includes intelligent hospitals, wearable and implantable devices, autonomous and connected vehicles, smart buildings etc. He is currently working in the area of Smart Grids, where he is responsible for reliable and secure bi-directional communication of energy data between electric grid, consumers and generators, and analyzing this data for intelligent control of load in the city.

Research Interests

Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks design and applications, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Data Analytics


A. Ahmed, K. Arab, Z. Bouida, and M. Ibnkahla, “Data Communication and Analytics for Smart Grid Systems,” Proc 2018 IEEE International Conf. on Communications (ICC’18), Kansas City, MO, USA, pp. 1-6, May 2018.

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