Photo of Manishkumar Moorjmalani

Manishkumar Moorjmalani

Research Assistant

Degrees:M.Eng. (Carleton University)
Phone:+1 873-354-4017


I was born in India on 7th of December 1993. I finished Bachelor of Engineering in electrical engineering in 2015 and worked as robotics engineer for following 2 years and 6 months industrial experience in Industrial Automation. I graduated as Master of Engineering in field of Electrical & Computer, from Carleton University in 2019 and joined IOTlab as Researcher in August 2019.

From early age I had keen interest in electronics, robotics and world of automation.  I started learning and building about small electronics circuits such as blinking LED, timers and Rube Goldberg machine around age of 15. My hands on with Advance electronics, micro controllers and micro-processors started during my Bachelor of Engineering in which I worked on 2 major and several minor electronics projects which were (i) autonomous sun tracking and face tuning of solar panels using mechanical-electrical and electronic sensing system. (ii) Hybrid Auto-driven Vehicle with Full-turn without displacement, this project was final project in my bachelor’s degree and for this project also Indian patent. I worked on designing and building several different types of robots which can run autonomously, climb stairs, race, play games and fight in between (similar to battlebots) as well as robotics arms. During my master’s degree I worked on projects which are majorly related Internet of Things like robotic arm with haptic feedback for telemedicine, smart office and smart dc energy storage system.

Currently I am working on developing sensing nodes for generation of accurate real-time sensing data for Cisco Testbed project. Developing system with can sense and take actions when needed as well as provide information about if there is crash in system or any sensor or connections in sensing system stops working.

Research Interests

Energy Harvesting, Heterogeneous Sensing Nodes, Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, sensing networks(wireless-Mesh).


M. Manishkumar, T. Monali, P. Sheetal. “Hybrid auto-driver universal vehicle with full-turn capacity.” Parul Arogya Seva Mandal. Vadodara, Gujarat, India, 2016. Ind. Patent Application No. 201621007276.