The Execution phase of the project is where the project plan is implemented. To ensure adherence to scope, cost, and time constraints, performance of the project must be tracked and progress must be communicated regularly. A Project Status Report is completed at weekly or bi-weekly intervals to inform stakeholders of the progress of the project.

Management of the team and project resources are the primary activities of the Project Manager in this phase, and will provide the bulk of the information supplied in the Project Status Report. Once development has been completed, user acceptance testing must be performed by subject matter experts (SMEs) from the business areas involved in the project. When all testing has been completed, SMEs must provide sign-off on the user acceptance testing, which is the approval required to promote the development into our Production environment. Sign-off is typically provided in the form of a written email to the Project Manager.

A member of the Security team must ensure the build of the system meets the security requirements that were documented in the previous phase.

Likewise, Compliance ensures the build meets that accessibility requirements previously documented.

To facilitate the completion of these and other tasks, the Project Manager must complete the ITS PMO Gate 3 – Execution Checklist, and submit it to the Manager, PMO for approval to proceed to the next phase, Closing.

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