Activities in the Planning phase concern pulling together all the information gathered in the Initiation phase, and using it to create the Project Charter, which includes the components of the Project Management Plan. Once completed and approved, these documents will be posted to the appropriate Teams site for the project.

The Project Charter and Project Management Plan define the project scope, communications, resources, budget, schedule, risks, issues, and change control procedures. All of these elements are necessary to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Security and privacy requirements are also documented during this phase, a Security Risk Assessment is undertaken, and if the need arises, a member of the Security team may be assigned to the project.

Lastly, final confirmation of accessibility requirements is performed.

To facilitate the completion of these and other tasks, the Project Manager must complete the ITS PMO Gate 2 – Planning Checklist, and submit it to the Manager, PMO for approval to proceed to the next phase, Execution.

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