For projects that do not meet the criteria of an initiative that requires strategic visibility and extensive tracking and control, a Project Lite methodology may be recommended by the PMO/CIO.  Project Lite is not used for projects managed by the Project Management Office.  This methodology will be invoked when an initiative matches one or more of the following criteria:

  • Funding is required for the project in excess of $25,000 (fiscal or base)
  • Project does not have an impact on another department (either from the deliverables of the project or project resourcing)
  • Sponsor determines that strategic visibility for the initiative is not necessary

Project Lite initiatives will be tracked by Eclipse PPM.  The following information will be tracked and kept up-to-date by the project manager:

  1. Basic project information from the Project Charter
  2. Project schedule outlining key project milestones only and their time durations
  3. Project budget including approved or revised budget, expenses and unspent financial commitments
  4. Monthly status updates outlining accomplishments, next steps and issues/concerns

The following documents are required for a Project Lite initiative (see Tools and Templates):

  1. Project Charter – project definition and scope
  2. Project status reports
  3. Project Final Report – project outcomes and lessons learned

Managers of Project Lite initiatives may still use the full Project Management Methodology (or elements thereof) should they wish to do so.  The PMO provides guidance, training and assistance on the Project Lite methodology (including the use of Eclipse PPM) and is your resource throughout your initiative.