Service for: Faculty, Staff
Service Provider: ITS
Service Type: Collaboration and storage

CuCollab is deprecated: cuCollab is being retired and replaced by MS Teams. NEW cuCollab are no longer being set up. Existing cuCollab projects will continue to be accessible, as long as the server remains operational.

What is this service?

This service enables Carleton committees and working groups to securely share and store files online. Unlike the Network Drive Access Service, cuCollab is web-based, allowing document sharing and collaboration to be performed from anywhere in the world using a web-browser.

How do I obtain this service?

The cuCollab service is available to Carleton faculty and staff running committees and working groups. If you would like to easily share and collaborate on documents for one of your committees, please complete the following online form:

How-to Links

How do I receive support for this service?

The cuCollab service is run as a self-service support model. This means that cuCollab is not supported by the ITS Service Desk and users need to support themselves as best they can via this website.

Support Availability

Self-service. You should NOT contact the ITS Service Desk for a cuCollab issue, unless the system is down and not accessible.

What is included?

  • Key Standard Features
    • Installation and setup of cuCollab website
    • Self-service training and support via documentation
    • Hosting and software upgrades
  • Non-Standard Features
    • Hands-on troubleshooting for cuCollab issues
  • Service Exclusions
    • Help Desk support
    • Content Auditing and QA

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