Completed Working Papers

17. Collateral Shocks: A Dominant Source of U.S. Business Cycles? (with Mamoon Kader). December 2023.

16. Consumer Confidence and Household Investment (with Jean-François Rouillard and Santosh Upadhayaya). Revise and Resubmit: Economic Inquiry. ONLINE APPENDIX.

15. The Welfare and Distributional Consequences of Corporate Tax Cuts in Open Economies (with Mamoon Kader, Minjoon Lee, and Raul Razo-Garcia).  Revise and Resubmit: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

14. G-multipliers in Canada: How Large? And Why? (with Fabrice Dabiré, Patrick Richard, and Jean-François Rouillard), November 2023. Under review.

13. Large Firms and the Cyclicality of US Labour Productivity (with Joshua Brault). October 2023.

12. The Behavior of the Aggregate U.S. Wage Markdown (with Konstantinos Metaxoglou). May 2023.

11. Indebted Demand in a Two Period Consumption-Saving Model (with Joshua Brault). December 2021.

10. Some International Evidence on Inequality, Demographics, and Long-term Interest Rates (with Joshua Brault). Updated: November 2021.

9. Macroeconomic Fluctuations Without Indeterminacy (with Joshua Brault, Louis Phaneuf and Jean-Gardy Victor). February 2021.

8. Is Unconventional Monetary Policy Stabilizing? Evidence From the Great Recession and Recovery Years (with Joshua Brault, Louis Phaneuf and Jean-Gardy Victor). July 2020.

7. A Tale of Two Major Postwar Business Cycle Episodes  (with Joshua Brault, Louis Phaneuf and Jean-Gardy Victor). April 2020.

6. Returns to Scale in U.S. Production, Redux (with Mumtaz Ahmad and John Fernald). September 2019.

5. Collusion and Antitrust Filings over the Business Cycle (with Matthew Strathearn). December 2018.

4. Do Real Estate Shocks Affect Corporate Investment? (with Timothy Greider). December 2017.

3. Why Does Household Investment Lead Business Investment Over the Business Cycle?: Comment. (with Jean-François Rouillard).   December 2016.

2. Investment-Specific News Dominates TFP News in Driving US Business Cycles. (with Nadav Ben Zeev). September 2016.

1. Entrepreneurship and the Business Cycle: Stylized Facts from U.S. Venture Capital Activity. (with Pythagoras Petratos). September 2016


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Older papers and notes

1. Notes on the Derivation of New Keynesian Phillips Curve Under Positive Steady State Inflation (with B. Rudolf).

2. Competitiveness, Inflation, and Monetary Policy (with R. Moessner). Bank of England Working Paper no. 246.

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4. Product Diffusion, Increasing Returns to Specialization and the Propagation of Shocks.