Summer 2010: The group by the Steacie building

Fall 2009: The group by the Steacie building

Summer 2009: The group in the Super Lab

Back Row (L to R): Hechen Lui, Tariq Francis, Maureen McKeague, Ryan Walsh, Elyse Bernard, Stephen Boulton
Front Row (L to R): Xueru Zhang, Erin McConnell, Amanda Foster, Amanda Giamberardino, Maria DeRosa, Charlotte Bradley

Summer 2008: The group by the Steacie building

Summer 2008: The group with their bedazzled safety goggles

Back Row (L to R): Amanda Foster, Yasir Sultan, Tariq Francis, Dave Blair, Mike Beking
Front Row (L to R): Maria DeRosa (with Tristan), Erin McConnell, Ryan walsh, Jen Lee, Amanda Giamberardino, Elyse Bernard, Tasjeel Ansari, Erika Revesz

Summer 2007: The group by the river

Back Row (L to R): Dave Blair, Sameer Dedhar, Josh Chan, Mike Beking, Peter Pallister, Ryan Walsh
Front Row (L to R): Sara Hosseini, Mehwish Khalid, Amanda Giamberardino, Maria DeRosa, Elyse Bernard, Erika Revesz,