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Patent Applications

APTAMERS AS A THERAPEUTIC TOOL TO PREVENT PROTEIN AGGREGATION IN NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASE DEROSA, Maria Cynthia; HOLAHAN, Matthew Richard; MCCONNELL, Erin Marie; VENTURA, Katelyn Victoria; CALLAHAN, Joshua Parker; HUNT, Vernon Harold Daniel US Patent Application 62/575,813


Publication list 2018-2023 (Bold indicates LADDER HQP)

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Abstract Image

Publication list 2009-2017

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Figure 1

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Abstract Image

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Graphical abstract: An in solution assay for interrogation of affinity and rational minimer design for small molecule-binding aptamers

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Abstract Image

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Graphical abstract: Linkage inversion assembled nano-aptasensors (LIANAs) for turn-on fluorescence detection

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