LERRN-IDRC Webinar | Mobilizing a Global Response: Acting on the report by the Hon. Bob Rae

In August 2020, the Honourable Bob Rae released his report on Canada’s role in mobilizing a global response to the enormous global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the specific challenges faced by the international refugee system, which long predate the pandemic. The report makes clear and bold recommendations on integrating refugee responses into Canada’s foreign policy, placing a greater emphasis on the role of local actors and refugee-led organizations in securing protection and solutions for refugees, and reinvigorating the governance of the international refugee system to mobilize more effective and reliable collective action. This webinar will draw on the perspective and experience of partners who are on the cutting-edge of these responses to discuss the significance of the report’s recommendation and how we can move from idea to implementation and mobilize a global response. The webinar was held on 01 October 2020, 09:3010:30 EST Panelists: Ambassador Bob Rae, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations (UN) in New York Mustafa Alio, Co-Chair of the Refugee Advisory Network, and Co-Founder, Jumpstart Refugee Talent (Toronto, Canada) Maha Shuayb, Director, Centre for Lebanese Studies, Lebanese American University, and education specialist Linda Oucho, Executive Director, the African Migration and Development Policy Centre (Nairobi, Kenya) Gregory Maniatis, Director of the International Migration Initiative, Open Society Foundations For more information, see the LERRN-IDRC Webinar Series and read the report here.