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LERRN aims to better understand and enhance the role of civil society in responding to the needs of refugees in the global south. Civil society plays a large role in developing innovative responses to refugee situations and has the power to be a driver of change within political communities.

The Partnership’s goal is to enhance the understandings of the global refugee regime and empower society to directly contribute to the improved function of the regime, thereby ensuring more predictable protection and solutions for refugees and enhancing their lived experience. The project officially launched in October 2018 and will run until December 2025.

Our Vision: All refugees have timely and reliable access to protection and rights-based solutions

Our Goal: Refugee research, policy and practice are influenced by the collective action of an informed, inclusive, equitable and sustained network of civil society actors

Our Strategic Objectives:

  • Realize new knowledge and critical understandings on the conditions affecting refugees
  • Support civil society actors to affect change for refugees in local, national and global context
  • Influence research, policy, and practice to advance the well-being of refugees
  • Sustain and expand scholarly dialogue and effective civil society networks within and between affected countries