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Through our partnership with the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS), University of Jordan, LERRN is supporting discussions on curriculum development for the Professional Diploma in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (PDRFMS). This initiative is led by LERRN’s partner Francesca Ruisi with the support of CSS Director, Prof. Zaid Eyadat. CSS also provides an important platform from which LERRN has been able to share its work with a wider range of actors in the research, policy and practitioner communities. Our partner Oroub-El Abed is leading innovative research in Jordan on the relationship between education and employment, research on the impact of COVID-19, and new forms of collaboration with community-based organizations. Other LERRN partners in Jordan include Journalists for Human Rights, CARE Jordan and IDRC.

Current Projects:

  • Report for Georgetown University/Funded by World Refugee Council and IDRC on COVID-19 and the livelihoods of Syrian refugees in Jordan.
  • Report for UNHABITAT on rights and services accessed by the refugees, mainly from Syria, in the city of Irbid in the North of Jordan.
  • Field work and analysis for UNFPA of the everyday life registration in Jordan among locals and migrants and refugees, and the reasons that make these groups register or not register life events.
  • From education to employment: Youth trajectories in Jordan in the context of protracted displacement.



Team Members