LERRN supports and enables partnered collaborative research that responds to priorities identified by our Geographic Working Groups in major refugee-hosting countries. Through this research, LERRN partners are co-creating new knowledge about the role of civil society in the functioning of the global refugee regime.

Working Group in Jordan

Through our partnership with the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS), University of Jordan, LERRN is supporting discussions on curriculum development for the Professional Diploma in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (PDRFMS). This initiative is led by LERRN’s partner Francesca Ruisi with the support of CSS Director, Prof. Zaid Eyadat. CSS also provides an important platform from which LERRN has been able to share its work with a wider range of actors in the research, policy and practitioner communities. Our partner Oroub-El Abed is leading innovative research in Jordan on the relationship between education and employment, research on the impact of COVID-19, and new forms of collaboration with community-based organizations. Other LERRN partners in Jordan include Journalists for Human RightsCARE Jordan and IDRC.

For full details and updates, please visit the Jordan Working Group Webpage:

Working Group in Kenya

The Working Group in Kenya is coordinated by Dulo Nyaoro, Director of the Peace Institute at Moi University. The Working Group is composed of members from Moi University, the Refugee Consortium of Kenya, the African Migration and Development Policy Centre (AMADPOC), URISE Initiative for Africa and the Refugee Affairs Secretariat of the Government of Kenya, Danish Refugee Council, CARE Kenya and IDRC. The Kenya Working Group has been leading innovative, partnered research on issues relating to localization of humanitarian efforts, refugee participation in their own protection and livelihoods, and most recently on the impact of COVID-19 on refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya.

For full details and updates, please visit the Kenya Working Group Webpage:

Working Group in Lebanon

The Working Group in Lebanon is lead by Maha Shuayb, Director of the Centre for Lebanese Studies (CLS) at the Lebanese American University and Lead of LERRN’s Lebanon Working Group. Members of the Working Group include Al-Jana and Oxfam Lebanon. The Lebanon Working Group has been leading innovative, partnered research on issues relating to education, youth engagement and employment, and the impact of COVID-19 on education in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. The group is developing a new research focus on the impact of discussions on repatriation on education planning. LERRN’s partners in Lebanon have also been leading an initiative to critically examine the power relations inherent in partnered research and the development of a Code of Conduct to better guide equitable and ethical partnered research involving South-North partnerships and partnerships with community groups and refugees.

For full details and updates, please visit the Lebanon Working Group Webpage:

Working Group in Tanzania

The Tanzania Working Group is led by Dignity Kwanza – Community Solutions, a non-profit organization with a mission to serve refugees, marginalized and vulnerable populations in Tanzania. The working group includes esteemed scholars from the University of Dar es Salaam, practitioners from Tanganyika Christian Refugee Services (TCRS), Oxfam in Tanzania, and Relief to Development Society (REDESO).

For full details and updates, please visit the Tanzania Working Group Webpage: