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The Working Group in Kenya is coordinated by Dulo Nyaoro, Director of the Peace Institute at Moi University. The Working Group is composed of members from Moi University, the Refugee Consortium of Kenya, the African Migration and Development Policy Centre (AMADPOC), URISE Initiative for Africa and the Refugee Affairs Secretariat of the Government of Kenya, Danish Refugee Council, CARE Kenya and IDRC. The Kenya Working Group has been leading innovative, partnered research on issues relating to localization of humanitarian efforts, refugee participation in their own protection and livelihoods, and most recently on the impact of COVID-19 on refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya.

Key objectives:

  • Generating a locally driven research and policy agenda that is sensitive to the Kenyan context.
  • Foster locally driven research on factors affecting refugee protection and solutions.
  • Promote effective use of evidence to inform decision-making, policies and practices in refugee protection.
  • Enhance collaboration among academia, CSOs, Universities and other stakeholders in working together to find solutions to protection challenges.
  • Support emerging scholars who are studying and researching refugee and forced migration issues.



Team Members