Photo of Dulo Nyaoro

Dulo Nyaoro

Senior Lecturer/Researcher, Department of Political Science, Moi University

Degrees:B.A. (Moi), M.A. (Witwatersrand)

Dulo Nyaoro is a Senior lecturer and researcher in the Department of Political Science, Moi University, and Coordinator at the Peace and Reconciliation Institute. He coordinates the MA degree programme in Forced Migration at Moi University. Nyaoro holds a BA in Political Science from Moi University and an MA in Migration Studies from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Nyaoro is the team leader of the Kenya Geographic Working of LERRN and has conducted research on displacement in Kenya, South Africa and Somalia. He has published several pieces on migration and refugee issues in Kenya and the horn of Africa. Research interests include development and migration, human rights, African politics and governance, and Peace and Conflicts studies.