LERRN-IDRC Webinar Series on Forced Displacement

The Local Engagement Refugee Research Network (LERRN) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) are co-hosting monthly seminars addressing several dimensions of forced displacement, with an emphasis on the perspectives of partners closest to the issues being discussed. Check this page, subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on Twitter to be notified about upcoming webinars in the series.

01 Oct 2020 – Mobilizing a Global Response: Acting on the report by the Honourable Bob Rae

19 Nov 2020 – Refugee Education during and beyond COVID-19: Perspectives from local and global actors

15 Dec 2020 – By Refugees, For Refugees: Refugee leadership beyond the pandemic

08 April 2021 – Refugee-host community relations during Covid-19 and beyond: Lessons from the Middle East and Southern Africa

09 June 2021 – Localized Forced Displacement Research: Lessons from East Africa and the Middle East

24 June 2021 – Forced Displacement and Health in the Context of the Pandemic: Localized Responses to COVID- 19’s Impact on Refugees, IDPs, and Communities Living in Chronic Displacement

More about the project:

The LERRN-IDRC Webinar Series on Forced Displacement is coordinated by Jennifer Kandjii, LERRN Research Officer. For further information or ideas please contact us here.

LERRN is the Local Engagement Refugee Research Network. We are a team of researchers and practitioners committed to promoting protection and solutions with and for refugees. Our goal is to ensure that refugee research, policy and practice are shaped by a more inclusive, equitable and informed collective engagement of civil society.

Part of Canada’s foreign affairs and development efforts, IDRC invests in knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world. Bringing together the right partners around opportunities for impact, IDRC builds leaders for today and tomorrow and helps drive change for those who need it most.

Other Webinars

21 Jan 2021 – Virtual Conference: 70 Years Protecting People Forced to Flee – North American Panels

26 Feb 2021 – LERRN’s Analysis of Refuge and RSQ: Reflections on Knowledge Production, Access, and Representation

20 April 2021 – RRN-LERRN Webinar: Localizing Knowledge Production: Shifting Power in Forced Migration Studies

27 May 2021 – Book Launch: Gil Loescher’s Refugees: A Very Short Introduction