Photo of Rachel McNally

Rachel McNally

Knowledge Mobilization and Translation Officer

I am a PhD student in Political Science at Carleton University, with a focus on refugee policy, international relations and public policy. I first became involved in refugee issues as a member of my church’s refugee sponsorship group in small-town Nova Scotia. Beyond LERRN, my own research looks at refugee resettlement and sponsorship in Canada and beyond, including in rural communities.

My role with LERRN involves taking research findings and working with the team to present them in different formats to different audiences, as well as critically reflecting on knowledge production within LERRN and in the field of forced migration studies more broadly. I have enjoyed analyzing prominent journals in forced migration studies looking at geographic representation, content and access. I am also the copy editor for the LERRN Working Papers Series. I appreciate how the LERRN partnership brings together students at different levels, scholars and civil society actors across the boundaries of universities, disciplines, academia and beyond, North-South, and country borders.

In my free time, I enjoy singing, playing the flute, and exploring the outdoors.