Photo of Rachel McNally

Rachel McNally

Knowledge Mobilization and Translation Officer

I am a third-year PhD student in Political Science at Carleton University. My role with LERRN involves editing the Working Papers Series and other LERRN publications, helping refugee researchers prepare their work for publication, working with the communications team to present research findings in different formats (from papers to videos), taking notes for LERRN meetings and webinars, writing reports, and conducting archival research in the UNHCR archives. In the past, I have also worked alongside other LERRN team members to analyze prominent journals in forced migration studies looking at geographic representation, content, and access. I appreciate how LERRN brings together such a diverse group of people from around the world, and from inside and outside academia. I first became involved in refugee issues as a member of my church’s refugee sponsorship group in small-town Nova Scotia. Beyond LERRN, my work looks at the resettlement of refugees with disabilities in Canada, Canada’s refugee sponsorship programs, and refugee sponsorship in small and rural communities across Canada.