Photo of Rachel McNally

Rachel McNally

Project Officer

I am in my second year of my Master’s in Political Science. I first became involved in refugee issues as a member of my church’s sponsorship group for a refugee family coming to small-town Nova Scotia. My own research looks at refugee resettlement policy and the roles of the many actors involved in welcoming refugees to Canada. In my free time I like to sing in a choir and take Irish dance classes.

As someone who mostly knows about refugee issues in Canada, I was interested in gaining a more global perspective. I like how LERRN is doing research not just to build knowledge, but with a goal of improving protection and solutions with and for refugees. LERRN is also committed to doing research and other activities in an ethical way, always pursuing better ways to partner and include refugees in the process.

I have enjoyed being involved with many different activities in support of LERRN, including engaging students, organizing a conference for LERRN students to present their research, assisting with the publication of the working paper series, writing for the LERRN website, contributing to communications plans, connecting with NGO partners, and helping with special events. I have learned so much about the global picture of refugees beyond Canada and the importance of including refugees as partners.