Photo of Faith Mjalilla

Faith Mjalilla

Student Researcher

Degrees:LL.B. (Mzumbe) LL.M. (Dar es Salaam)

I am a Research Assistant for LERRN Working Group in Tanzania and a Program Officer Legal Advocacy and Communications at Dignity Kwanza. My areas of interests includes refugee rights, rights to nationality and statelessness, and migration.

I am a registered member of the bar association in Tanzania – Tanganyika Law Society with Master of Laws from the University of Dar es Salaam and a Law Degree from Mzumbe University.

I have experience of over three years advocating for the rights and providing legal aid which includes in court and out of court representation to refugees, stateless people, people at risk of statelessness and vulnerable migrants.

Supporting LERRN working group in Tanzania has always been my pleasure. Through coordinating activities for the working group in Tanzania I get an opportunity to increase my knowledge on refugee issues and engage with actors that have been thriving to bring positive changes to refugee for many years. I am proud to be part of the team that aims to enhance the role of civil society in responding to the needs of refugees in the global south.