Photo of Richard Davies

Richard Davies

Strategic Communications Development Officer

I’m a third-year undergraduate student in Indigenous and Canadian Studies. I’m most interested in the relationships between de-colonialism, ecology and forced migration. My hobbies include photography, broadcasting, prop and modelmaking, cycling and camping.

Graphic design has been a long-time passion for me, but always as a supplement to my other hobbies. LERRN’s need for a Creative Services Officer afforded me the opportunity to apply my skills professionally, and to promote a project I firmly believe in.

Every assignment has benefited from close collaboration with other members of the LERRN team. I expected graphic design to entail the creation of several prototype designs, with a manager selecting their preferred option. This may be true in commercial settings, but my work with LERRN has instead been to enhance the communication of our team’s ideas and goals. Thus, the creative process is more of a collaboration, where my skills work in concert with someone else’s vision.