The research group is equipped with state-of-the-art prototyping, assembling and measurement facility and infrastructure. While the lab is focussed on general applied electromagnetics, the lab infrastructure is highly focussed towards mmWave devices and systems, with proof-of-concept testings at microwave frequencies. Most of the facilities are accessible to researcher outside Carleton as well as industries and companies who wish to perform various RF and antenna test measurements, for a nominal user fees. These user fees help support the infrastructure and the basic maintenance of our equipments for sustainable services to our researchers and the larger community, while supporting our graduate students who are directly involved in these measurements. Some key equipments and facilities are:

  1. mmWave Vector Network Analyzer (VNA): 4-port Rhode & Schwarz (R&S) ZVA67 for S-parameter measurements upto 70 GHz, including various SMA and 1.85 mm coaxial and X-band and mmWave waveguide calibration kits.
  2. mmWave Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR): A R&S ATS1800C, for 3D pattern and gain measurements of antennas with operational range between 20 GHz – 45 GHz, and soon to be extended to 70 GHz. This is in addition to a microwave anechoic chamber with measurement capabilities upto 18 GHz.
  3. mmWave Frequency Extension: Two frequency extenders covering 60 GHz – 90 GHz with WR-12 calibration kits.
  4. THz Probe Station: An MPI TS-150-THz probe station with 6″ metallic chuck with auxiliary ceramic chuck with device characterization upto 90 GHz.
  5. Planar Near-field System: A planar near-field antenna and metasurface measurement system for Ku-band (26.5 GHz – 40 GHz) equipped with near-to-farfield post-processing for farfield pattern determination.
  6. Bi-static Field System: An X-band (8 GHz – 12 GHz) bi-static field measurement system for scattering measurements from static and dynamic metasurface reflectors.
  7. 3D Printer: Ultimaker S5 for customized mounts, holders, and general purpose fixtures.
  8. High End Computing Server: EPYC 7003 Series, 64 cores and 1 TB RAM for high performance EM computing
  9. Soldering station: Ersa i-CON VARIO 4 with advanced soldering capabilities, oven, microscopes for fine soldering jobs.

All the lab equipment and facility is managed and operated by the graduate students/research assistants for an all-round training development and creative freedom to devise and experiment feely for graduate research purposes.

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