Another way you can contribute. Here is a place to report things that don’t work, things that don’t work the way you’d like, or things that don’t even exist but ought to. (preferrably Magenta-related, but hey, let your imagination run wild)


  • with scoping/filtering patch (see magenta-dev site) – set HostInfo of root to localhost:4444, get*root*HostInfo*localhost*wholeSubTree fails when there are no other objects in the tree – same problem on leaf nodes
    • log: get failure base object not found in database root/music/biggie
  • delete an object with sub-objects and events are not reported for the destruction of the sub-objects (although they no longer appear in the tree)


GUIManager: you should be able to update the hosts window at runtime

javadoc header is completely wrong


Feature Requests

  • autodiscovery
  • change the Protocol – xml?
  • metaclasses – remote programming – how?