[source] MagentaQuery.jsp

A Java Server Page that serves a simple form for dispatching messages to a magenta (or any other socket-based application). It can be run on any webserver that supports JSP. The instructions below apply to Jakarta Tomcat – an Apache based applications server with a servlet engine for serving JSPs and servlets.

This code can serve as a template for writing more intelligent magenta query forms (i.e. drop down boxes to choose the action, etc.)

Jakarta is an umbrella term for a group of open source software projects based on the Java platform. Tomcat is one of those projects – a servlet + JSP engine. At the time of writing the latest Tomcat version was 3.2.2.

Here’s the “minimalistic” how-to for installing Tomcat 3.2 (this is one of the documents in the Tomcat documentation set)

Some hints for installing jakarta-tomcat under linux: Install Java SDK – followed RPM version button. Downloads a binary , source it to produce an RPM. Install the RPM using “rpm -iv rpm-file-name”. Set TOMCAT_HOME and JAVA_HOME in your .cshrc file (for convenience). You might need to unblock port 8080 in your firewall rules (or whatever port you run the server on).

Start up a Magenta Agent or derived object on any accessible host (although localhost will do nicely). You should be able to pass queries to the Magenta using the web interface! [removed wiki spam]